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Who is Gerry Reynolds?

Gerry lives in Ballinamore He is married to Linda Reynolds.  They have one son, born July 2001. He has been a T.D. for Sligo-Leitrim for nine years since 1989 till 2002, and has been on Leitrin County Council since 1985. Gerry spent three years in Seanad Eireann.

 He is one of the Fine Gael Councillors on Leitrim County Council.


Think about it:

Gerry is always available to hear the views and concerns of those living in Leitrim or Sligo.

This Web Site is available for information on his views and policies.




Latest News from Gerry
News Gerry will continue to work for the people in Leitrim with great energy and committment in Leitrim County Council.
Opinion Gerry is in favour of A Regional Council to work on Western Development.
Sligo & Leitrim Interests
Gerry is very interested in developing the infrastructure of the Constituency.

National Concerns

At a National level, Gerry will work with other Fine Gael Councillors to ensure the return a hugely increased number of Fine Gael successes in the next Local Election.
Latest Views:
The Government failure in Planning Matters has been made more severe by selective interference from outside, and has caused grave problems for Leitrim people.  


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